Terms and Conditions

<h2><strong>1. Definitions.</strong></h2>

<p>1.1. The purpose of the Website is to provide individual learning method, practice and exercise for its every User in the languages set in the Terms and Conditions. In order to fulfil the Website’s aim, Service Provider collects each User’s personal data in connection with the use of the Website. By using the previously gathered such data, Service Provider provides exercises and a specialized learning path individually to each User with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Service Provider collects data only to grant a high level consumer experience. Service Provider does not transmit or use the abovementioned personal data for different purposes.</p>

<p>1.2. Governing laws: These Terms and Conditions, its subject matter and Website’s and the User’s respective rights under these Terms and Conditions, as well as any claim, cause of action or dispute arising out of or related to these Terms and Conditions, shall be governed by and construed under the laws of Hungary, excluding the conflict of law provisions of that or any other jurisdiction, regardless of the User’s country of origin or where they access the service. Unless otherwise expressly required by applicable law, each party shall bear its own attorneys’ fees without regard to which party is deemed the prevailing party in the litigation proceeding.</p>

<p>1.3. <strong>Privacy Policy:</strong> means Service Provider’s Privacy Policy.</p>

<p>1.4. <strong>Registration:</strong> the registration procedure specified in the present Terms and Conditions.</p>

<p>1.5. <strong>Service Provider:</strong> BTCL Software Bt., 2890 Tópart utca 5-7. lph. 1/2, Tata, Hungary, [email protected].</p>

<p>1.6. <strong>Services:</strong> all services provided by the Service Provider.</p>

<p>1.7. <strong>Terms and Conditions:</strong> means the present Terms and Conditions.</p>

<p>1.8. <strong>User:</strong> any person who is over 13 years of age and has successfully completed the Registration on the Website, accepted the Terms and Conditions, and the Privacy Policy of the Service Provider.</p>

<p>1.9. Visitor: any person who uses the Website without Registration, and therefore not able to use the Services of the Website.</p>

<p>1.10. Website: www.linguno.com.</p>

<p><h2><strong>2. Registration. </strong></h2>

<p>2.1. In order to use the Services of the Website, the Registration shall be successfully completed. The Visitor shall click on the “Sign up” button and fill the required information. Visitor shall simultaneously accept the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy by marking the check box. Service Provider confirms the Registration by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address granted by the Visitor. To fully complete the Registration Visitor shall verify his/her Registration by clicking on the link given in the confirmation e-mail. After the verification, the Registration is fully completed and the User is able to use all Services of the Website.</p>

<p>2.2. Visitor shall give the following information in order to register:</p>

<p>2.2.1. E-mail address;</p>

<p>2.2.2. Password;</p>

<p>2.2.3. Date of Birth.</p>

<p>2.3. Any natural person can register on the Website as a User for free. The Service Provider uses the User’s personal data in order to provide an individual learning method. The Service Provider does not transfer or use the User’s personal data for any other purpose than to improve the consumer experience. Service Provider provides tests and exercises individually established based on the collected personal data. In order to grant a high level consumer experience, Service Provider collects the following data:</p>

<p>2.3.1. The frequency of how often the User uses the Website;</p>

<p>2.3.2. The frequency of how often the User uses each learning method;</p>

<p>2.3.3. The average time of use of the Website;</p>

<p>2.3.4. The results of the User separated by language and learning method.</p>

<p>2.4. Service Provider might provide some features and services intended for use by children. Service Provider might also use age-gating to restrict what services are available to children depending on the age of the User and the Governing laws.</p>

<p>2.5. In order to improve the consumer experience and the Services of the Website, Service Provider wishes to collect anonymized data. Anonymized data can no longer be connected directly or indirectly to the User, and it is used for research and statistical purposes. The User is not obliged to accept anonymized data collecting, however, it helps to improve the Services of the Website. Service Provider is entitled to collect anonymized data only in case of User’s explicit prior consent. After giving consent for anonymized data collection User is entitled to revoke his/her consent at any time without reasoning.</p>

<p>2.6. User acknowledges and declares at his/her own risk by submitting the Registration that he/she has full discretionary power without any limitations. User shall give valid data during the Registration and the Use of the Website.</p>

<p>2.7. If Service Provider notices that the data granted by User is invalid, Service Provider is entitled to suspend or delete the User’s account and to exclude him/her from the Use of the Website.</p>

<p>2.8. User is fully liable for all incomplete or false data service, Service Provider explicitly exclude his liability for consequences arising from the User’s data service.</p>

<p>2.9. User is entitled to delete his/her account at any time by clicking on the ”close account” button on the Website. After receiving the request to delete the account, Service Provider shall delete the account within one business day, and all data in connection with it. The account cannot be reverted after deleting it.</p>

<h2><strong>3. Use of Website.</strong></h2>

<p>3.1. User can use the Website by giving his/her e-mail address and password chosen during the Registration and by clicking on the button “Sign in”. After signing in, User is entitled to choose which language he/she wishes to practice. User is entitled to use one or more languages, however, he/she can practice only one language at any given time. User has the possibility to choose from the following languages:</p>

<p>3.1.1. English;</p>

<p>3.1.2. German;</p>

<p>3.1.3. Spanish;

<p>3.1.4. Portuguese;

<p>3.1.5. French;</p>

<p>3.1.6. Italian.</p>

<p>3.2. After selecting the language, User shall choose the type of the exercise, which he/she wishes to use. User has the possibility to choose from the following types of exercises:</p>

<p>3.2.1. Conjugation exercises;</p>

<p>3.2.2. Listening exercises;</p>

<p>3.2.3. Word exercises;</p>

<p>3.2.4. Crosswords.</p>

<p>3.3. User is entitled to use his/her account only from one device at the same time. If User signs in, the system automatically logs him/her out from the other devices.</p>

<p>3.4. Service Provider provides the individual learning method based on the User’s previous activity. Based on the personal data collected in connection with the use of the Website, Service Provider is able to produce User-specific exercises and examples in order to ensure effective individual improvement.</p>

<p>3.5. Further information can be found in the Privacy Policy.</p>

<h2><strong>4. Intellectual Property.></strong></h2>

<p>4.1. Service Provider is the sole and exclusive right holder of the Intellectual Property rights. There is no third party, whose right would restrict or exclude the exercise of Service Provider’s right. It is forbidden to use, copy, reproduce, revise or distribute the graphic representation or idea of the Website or its part, as well as the Intellectual Property Rights without the Service Provider’s prior written consent.</p>

<p>4.2. Services are provided lawfully using the following sources: Tatoeba (www.tatoeba.org), Amazon Polly (aws.amazon.com/polly), Wiktionary (www.wiktionary.org), Google Cloud Translation (cloud.google.com/translate), DeepL (www.deepl.com/translator).</p>

<h2><strong>5. Other provisions.</strong></h2>

<p>5.1. Present Terms and Conditions have been prepared in English language. To the extent any translated version of present Terms and Conditions leads to any legal or interpretation dispute, the English version shall prevail.</p>

<p>5.2. Service Provider is entitled to amend the provisions of present Terms and Conditions unilaterally. Service Provider discloses the modified Terms and Conditions on the Website 10 days before it enters into force at last. User shall explicitly accept the modified Terms and Conditions before it enters into force, otherwise the User will no longer be able to use the Services of the Website, and his/her Registration will be suspended.</p>

<p>5.3. If any disputes arising under the present Terms and Conditions, Consumer and Service Provider shall try to settle it amicably, with mutual cooperation. In case the parties cannot settle, all disputes arising under the present Terms and Conditions shall be judged based on the Governing laws.</p>

<p class="info_dialog_source">Date of the last modification: 26 May 2022.</p>